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Stating our mission to the MSD Administration

Dear MSD Administration:

We are writing this letter to declare that staff at Maryland School for the Deaf have come together to strengthen our union and to exercise our right to collective bargaining. After years of salary freezes and other challenges within our school, we believe that faculty and staff should have a greater voice in decisions at MSD.

We believe in MSD and we hold deeply the values of equity and excellence in education that characterize our school’s mission. We believe that the recognition of the staff as respected partners in decisions that affect our school will help make MSD a better, more diverse, and more inclusive place to work and learn.

We are proud to join together to build an organization through which we will advocate for the resources, support, and respect that faculty and staff deserve. Our union will give us the capacity to stand against ableism, racism, sexism, ageism, and elitism, and their impacts on staff, students, and families. To organize and empower our community, we must organize and empower ourselves.

As we follow the steps to formalizing our collective bargaining rights, we request that MSD administrators respect and recognize our right to form a strong union. We look forward to working together in partnership to make MSD an even better place for students and the staff.

In solidarity,
The MSD Faculty and Staff Association

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