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Activists Seek Full Funding for MSD from the State

The Faculty and staff for the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSDFSA Local 4828) are hard at work to get Governor Hogan to do what is right and fully fund the Maryland School for the Deaf. The school is one of the premier institutions serving students with unique capabilities and the faculty and staff of that institution are among the best and brightest in the nation. Unfortunately, resources have not always been shared with the institution and the faculty and staff have been using collective action to address the apparent neglect.

Click to watch video from the press conference.

Members took initial steps of petitioning the state government for redress. The petition had the support of over 300 people working at the Maryland School for the Deaf. The petition made several demands including restoring steps, filling vacancies, as well as recruiting and retaining talented and diverse staff. This important action laid out clearly what the faculty and staff demands were and how they could be met. 

On the heels of that action, the faculty and staff, with the support of AFT-Maryland held a press conference in Annapolis in the shadow of the state capitol to call on the Governor to address the underfunding of the institution (click here for video from the event). Delegate Ken Kerr of Frederick joined to stand in solidarity with members in support of their demands. Media from the Baltimore and Frederick area took note of the activism of the faculty and staff. Following the press conference, the group proceeded to the capitol to deliver the petition to a representative of Governor Hogan. 

Despite the continued efforts, the Governor has not attended to the needs of the students and staff of MSD. Activists are ramping up their efforts and a contact campaign is underway. Faculty, staff, and supporters are contacting Governor Hogan’s office to demand that he fully funds MSD. 


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